Tests to make houses mushrooms


A     FROM MYCELIUM OF oyster mushroom

Thanks Champignon Maison for this precious help!

Develop mycelium from another oyster mushroom mycelium 

- Mix coffee grounds and large pieces of cardboard 
- Add water 
- Put the mycelium from another bag in large quantities 
- Stir all 
- Put in a jute cloth 
- Wait 3 weeks

Result 2018.03 : we had 3 harvests.
The first lacked oxygen and created very thin, unsightly fruits
2nd and 3rd were perfect.
Note: we put the mycelium in a large plastic tray, this technique allowed the mycelium to grow rapidly because the humidity was high.


B     From oyster mushrooms bought in stores


A: Sprout spores 
- Buy oyster mushrooms 
- Macerate mushrooms for 2 days with honey and water 
- Remove mushrooms 
- Add oats to this mixture 
- Wait for 10 days 
B: Develop young mycelium in substrate 
- Mix rolls of toilet paper, coffee grounds and dead leaves 
- Add water and boil for 30 min until water evaporates 
- Put in a plastic bag with holes and let cold 
- Incorporate preparation A
C : Wait until the mycelium colonizes the substrate and fructifies!

Result 2018.03: The mixture fermented, the mycelium began to colonize and then the fermentation killed everything. Test to do again!