Urban experimental farm of Crickets

It’s estimated that meat production for human consumption contributes more to climate change than car emissions. It’s therefore important to find sustainable solutions to replace this source of protein. Crickets are a promising alternative because their protein intake far exceeds that of beef, and their production requires smaller spaces and resources. The Cricket Farm project aims to reduce the production costs of insect proteins through technological innovation, in order to facilitate their introduction on the local and international market. The mission of the Cricket Farm is to open a functional and profitable ecological cricket urban farm by 2019. We focus our research on both ways to increase the yield and profitability of the project, as well as on optimizing the necessary parameters. good development of insects. We are currently testing several cricket farm prototypes.

The project is a collaboration of LaCasaLab and several partner companies. The preservation of a high nutritional content and quality proteins are integral parts of the project. That’s why we’re proud to be collaborating on a research project on the quality of insect proteins with the Research and Development Center – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.