About us

After years of accumulating tools, materials and various experiments, in 2016 we created LaCasaLab, an environmental and collaborative citizen research laboratory. Inspired by the “Fab Labs”, LaCasaLab is dedicated to scientific experimentation “Technology” and “Urban Agriculture”. The essence of LaCasaLab is to share the common interests of members and to combine the ideas and qualities of each with the aim of stimulating collective innovation. Among all the projects that started at LaCasaLab, two projects won prizes: OpenBraille and My connected garden. LaCasaLab works in collaboration with various collaboratives actors in the local and international community.

From time to time, LaCasaLab also welcomes external users who wish to benefit from our experience and our facilities. Thus, we offer introductory courses on various topics.

LaCasaLab is the ideal space to test and develop our ideas.

Carlos and Christelle